1. ty


  2. lily

    homeless-chic. nothing new here!

  3. cc

    Goodwill…scammed again!

  4. Turd Ferguson

    Because on a hot, upper 90s day in Cali, I like to roll around town in my bedazzled, leather Terminator boots.

  5. Matt

    So, she has Mylie’s shirt tied around her waist. I’m just going to assume that they’re banging each other cause that’s the sexiest conclusion that I can jump to. Least sexy would be that Mylie is a trend setter.

  6. Swearin

    Wait, are they making a movie about Jennifer Lopez’s Fly Girl years?

  7. Hi, Nessie, you cute little minx…come sit on Grandpa’s fa-…er…LAP!

  8. God damn it. She’s wearing boys’ underwear under that shirt. I would personally like to remove them with my teeth.

  9. Later

    If only she had money to buy decent clothes … :( so sad

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