1. EricLr

    I think she just gave my eyes an STD.

  2. BenDoverman

    Put on a belt if your flat ass can’t hold up your pants.

  3. She’s out marking her territory.

  4. pipedreamer

    Do you think her father has noticed yet or is it time for ANOTHER tattoo?

  5. But no tramp stamp, ’cause that would look trashy.

  6. Kat von Don’t


  7. And slowly but surely, no one gave a shit.

  8. Pickles Hightower

    Saggy diaper?

  9. cc

    There’s a postage stamp size space on her bum I’d find attractive.

  10. your mom

    Gross. Even her pants don’t want to go there.

  11. I don’t care how much of a bitch Sandra Bullock may or may not be…I would NEVER choose this f’d up chick over her!

    • chimpout2012

      Not me. Seeing this thing nude now and then is still less of a hassle than raising Token. Less public humiliation, too.

  12. Cock Dr

    Pure class.

  13. DiddyK

    I”d hit it. Just to watch the pictures dance.

  14. fucktard

    oh man, this place just smells.

  15. Turd Ferguson

    Saving that spot for an Expiration Date.

  16. squishy

    Instead of Low Waste jeans they are now coming out with Half-Cheek jeans?!

  17. Next....

    Hysterical that she got that tattoo of Jessie! Wonder if she still has it or if she is under going that screaming pain of laser removal that she SO deserves.

  18. Stewie Griffin

    Also be prepared.

  19. Martina

    all that’s missing is a dildo in the asscrack

  20. Alexxx

    Marilyn Manson has a twin??

  21. donkeylicks

    At first glance I thought that she had a dead bird and a skunk slung over her shoulder.

  22. Well, here I go being the voice of dissent once again…Kat Von D has more ink than any human being should be allowed to have. But that aside, she’s actually very pretty. Hell, I’d even do her in daylight.


  23. Bouncy Castle

    Such a classy bird.

  24. Tattoos are ugly and stupid.

  25. Pine Table Fever

    The only part of her untouched by tattoo ink is her intestines.

  26. Noni Weasel

    For as many tattoos as she has all I can think of when I see her is WIG.

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