1. ty

    no matter what you say, she still a 5 star. she look good for her age.

  2. lily

    she does look good, but shes such a try hard…not necessary to wear a half transparent dress like that at her age.

  3. 5 stars!


  4. Blech

    K, done trying to figure out what the hell this get-up is supposed to be…

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Say what you will, she still throw a better ball than Mark Sanchez.

  6. fucktard

    stupid liberal.

  7. tlmck

    Desperate Non-Wife.

  8. lbb

    Oh please, she’s rocking this much betterat her age than Paltrow does or even Klum in their backless minis

  9. Frank The Duck

    Her ass is so big it split her dress!

  10. neo

    I’d go balls deep. no doubt. all two inches


    For her age…??? fer fucksake, she’s only 37 years old. I’ve got clothing older than that. Hell, I’ve got stuff in my refrigerator older than that.
    ***walks away mumbling*** For her age…good god, she’s barely older than a child…I could be her father…

  12. Checkout girls at Mi Pueblo have sexier asses than that.

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