1. EricLr

    Yeah, that’s real interesting about how you want to be an actress and all…oh look, here’s a cab.

  2. Deacon Jones


    Cue moment the cute 23 year old who was flirting with an aging celebrity in a club for fun just realized she’s going to have to put his veiny penis in her mouth!

  3. LilDeuceDeuce

    Dolph Lundgren’s first public appearance after being diagnosed with “Madonna Arms.”

  4. richie

    he’s giving her, “the old goon arm”.

  5. rantatonne

    “For the last time I am not the ‘I’ll be back’ guy! We are leaving and tell your mistress I will NOT be back!!”

  6. “I loved playing with He-Man when I was young.” – Things women should never say in front of Dolph Lundgren

  7. 1NDUN

    Come on bitch, let’s get you pregnant.

  8. Bigalkie

    Are we witnessing a hostage taking?

  9. cc

    If he scored that girl, all I can say is ‘well done’.

  10. Ya! We are having the fun now, no? Now walk closer to me, or I will crush your parents’ skulls.

  11. UJ

    I must break your hymen.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Shit I thought it was Seigfreid (or was it Roy??) out on the town trolling for some strange!

  13. GLT

    How did he talk her into wearing the ankle cuffs before she even got in the car?

  14. holy SHIT did someone photoshop his hand onto her left arm? He must be spiking her drinks with creatine.

  15. Drundel

    Doesn’t the dude have a masters or Ph.D in engineering or something?

  16. Stewie Griffin

    By the hour or straight fee?

  17. chikaty

    i dont want to know what they were doing that she did not even have time to finish doing her show straps before he clearly rushed her out

  18. Alexxx

    “Ugh my head…where I am….wait…who are you? Why are you yanking my arm?”
    “Dammit. It’s wearing off…quick just get in the car.”

  19. Damn, she’s got beautiful legs. I hope he wasn’t able to get between them. Unless it’s his wife, in which case, who gives a fuck?

  20. Quijibo


  21. Ruckus

    “I must break you.”

  22. Sup

    He’s 55 and in amazing shape, PhD in chemical engineering, he was the European Heavyweight Karate champion, he has an IQ of 160. What’s that, internet losers?

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