1. jack


  2. Please bend further forward. I can’t quite see your navel.

  3. fuckface

    “so I was gettin her autograph when I was all like DAMN that’s an ugly dress!”

  4. LegMan

    I could stare at that for as long as it takes.

  5. Hah…it’s cute because she’s dumb.

  6. cc

    A shorter pen might do the trick…

  7. Why does she even smile in a photograph? Has onyone even seen her face yet???

  8. tlmck

    “And for tonight’s talent competition, Dania will show us her boobs and use a Sharpie”.

  9. Lovely view…positively lovely.

  10. mbcl

    ” …..and could you also write the Gettysburg address ?”

  11. She has nice…..teeth!

  12. She either has a nice ass or that lady in orange likes her dress

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