1. EricLr

    Wow, too intense girl. Dial it back a notch.

  2. Somebody’s butt plug just slipped.

  3. cc

    ‘The 2012 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards’, geez, I can’t believe I left this event off my calendar.

  4. Contusion

    Noun Noun

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Hey – scroll up a bit.

    A redhead!

  6. tlmck

    As I always suspected, the regular Emmy Awards have nothing to do with creativity.

  7. Sho enuff

    that’s an angry man.

  8. You gotta get creative with that face…oh hey tits, that’ll do it

  9. kimmykimkim

    Just got her test results.

  10. That’s the face I make when I am reminded that she exists.

  11. Alexxx

    If you look directly into its eyes, it sucks out your soul.

  12. I’m not too good of a swimmer, but I think I’d love to take a dive right into Lake Bell.

  13. Poor Superficial readers, do you not keep up with latest in celebrity tit news? After you see this you’ll never forget who she is.

    • SafetyMan

      DO NOT CLICK the link above. It leads to a fake video page that is really a link and it tries to drop DOZENS of tracking cookies.

      • Why lie when people can just click the link and figure you out? It leads to a site that specializes in celebrity nudes and the scene in question is Lake Bell getting out of bed topless revealing her glorious tits.

      • Herself

        Thanks, Asshat. Like we all need more tracking cookies on our computer. I think we’ll all let you be the one to click the link and gape at what’s her names “glorious tits.” Like there aren’t a thousand tit based websites we can’t all access already. By all means though, feel free to wake me if John Hamm takes his glorious dog out for a promenade.

      • Jesus, have a shit-hemorrhage. If you don’t like the cookies, fucking dump them. They’re easy enough to delete.

        Thanks, Don. That woman does, indeed, have a marvy pair of lungs. Her keister ain’t too bad, either!

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