1. Frank Burns

    What, its not Kristin Stewart?

  2. EricLr

    Is she living in a 70′s cop show?

  3. Emma Watson's Vagina

    girl those are the wrong pants for doing tricks. haven’t you seen those 70′s show.

  4. Dan Quayle

    70′s hookers had V.D.

  5. CrashHell

    Get outta my dreams AND INTO MY CAR!

  6. pipedreamer

    It may be 20 miles to San Bernandina but until then Imma fuck you up!

  7. cc

    Someone make my day and tell me she’s frozen in that position.

  8. SugarTits

    “How much did you say lady? $20? Okay sure, hop in.”

  9. I wonder how her psychic reading went…I bet it was “your photo will appear on a website…where douchebags will say hurtful things about you”.

    Also, she looks kind of slutty…whoa! prophecy fulfilled!

  10. Snack pack

    A ’67 with original plates. How’d she score that?

    • BigOkie

      I’m thinkin’ being a millionaire doesn’t hurt…

      • Snack pack

        True, but original plates? That car has been in her family from the start. Being a millionaire is the reason it looks pristine (and still running considering it is a Ford).

      • Frank The Duck

        Actually in California the plates stay with the car when you sell it so it could have had 50 owners. Also – bad news – California allows you to put Black Plates on any car that was built during the years that they were issued – even if it is a rusty POS from Upstate New York.

        In other news a car like that can be bought for about $10,000- as it is a coupe and there are a ton of them around…

        Francis Drake is a car guy and has had lots of 60′s cars..

  11. lily

    looks awesome, even in bellbottoms!!

  12. Blech

    Lady, please. I don’t need my windows washed!

  13. it had to be said

    That bitch with the elephant legs is trying to steal my car!

  14. Tyler Perry

    Since no one has said it….DAT ASS!

  15. Yikes

    She’s awesome just for owning that car.

  16. j/k

    Bell bottoms and a 60′s mustang? I think my dad banged her.

  17. She could be your real momma.

  18. Monkey Wrench

    Sexy girl and a classic Mustang? Forget Gone in 60 Seconds I just came in 60 seconds.

  19. Swearin

    So Johnny Depp isn’t the only thing from the mid-60′s trying to get Ms. Heard to ride it

  20. She’s fucking perfect.

  21. LegMan

    I need fifty dollars to make me holler. I get paid to do the wild thang.

  22. KV

    I don’t know who she is or what she does but I Love the car and love the jeans.

  23. ...

    Amber and her girlfriend/potential ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree are more than welcome to make an all girl sandwich with me in the middle, especially if vintage muscle cars are involved. Talk about a wet dream!

  24. anonym

    hottest fakelesbo in hollywood.

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