1. To hell with all of you. I still love J-Lo, especially her ass.
    (This is a preemptive strike!)

  2. Robb7

    Don’t love her — just her ass.

  3. Fuck JLo and her ass. Her ass is nothing special. I live in the Caribbean. Asses like that are everywhere.

  4. cc

    Did you forget to hold daddy’s hand? Oh dear, looks like we lost him again.

  5. whatever

    I still wonder when men will admit a fat ass is not a pretty sight. This has to be the biggest joke played on women, ongoing for years now, that a fat ass is all that. Get real.

  6. “Is that your boyfriend Emme?”
    “Can Mommy date him?”

  7. Ronaldo

    Dat Ass!!!

  8. 87smak

    wow awesome!!

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