1. yoop

    good to see those still work

  2. Brad’s demanding she keep up with Anniston.

  3. Cock Dr

    Three cheers for her medical team.

  4. Where do you suppose she found a top with built-in pokies?

  5. Dang, SOMEBODY bought the deluxe models!

  6. If Brad wanted to have a wife with permafrost nipples, he never would’ve left Jennifer.

  7. Josephus

    I guess it really is winter in Australia.

  8. EricLR

    Be careful, Australia! She’s on the lookout for an unattended baby to adopt.

  9. cc

    C’mon along dear, don’t touch the bogans.

  10. anonym

    what a manly jawline.

    All I see is jon voight

  11. Like a silent “fuck you” to Jennifer Aniston.

  12. THIS. This, children, is why you become a rich famous actor, so you can replace worn out or pre-cancerous body parts with superior manufactured bits.

  13. This is why I never bought any of the ‘she’s so brave’ crap. It’s not a big deal when you have enough money to get the best surgeons available to essentially make it as though it never happened.

  14. heey

    with her new implants there instead of the breast tissue, it will be even harder to detect cancer, breast cancer also forms in the skin and near the ribs, ALL the stuff she didnt remove, to get rid of the rist you ahve to get rid of your entire boobs, skin and all, all the way up into your armpits, and basically scrape it all off the ribs, you’d be left with NOTHING, a flat chest you in time can get remodeled with your own stomach tissue to create breasts, she had a fake mastectome, it wont help her, she just wanted a remodel of her boobs, but for vanity, this is not a full mastectomy ‘bravery’ job, she just had a boob job that will disguise cancer if she gets it

  15. Nippy Tip Over

    those new implants are perk-a-licious. Congrats to her Dr.

  16. No matter where you stand, the nipples follow you around the room.

  17. Pas très jolie, Jolie

    i doubt she ever got a mastectomy, she just bought herself new pair of boobs ! after popping out 3 kids, her age and all the weight lost i bet her tits looked like dry figs ! and since she is (miss holier-than-thou i buy kids to make a better world i do charity and shit and in the meantime i fuck married men) she d sound too superficial to admit it ! now wear a bra and eat a fucking sandwich no one wants to see a skeleton s nipples !

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