1. Josephus

    Looks like Daisy high.

  2. “I was getting hit on by some dick named Jason Priestly. Said he ‘loved my look’. What is that supposed to mean, my look?”

  3. Looks like a younger, shit-faced Shannen Doherty.

  4. “Me? No, I’m compleeetely waaaasted. Steve Jobs is taking me home.”

  5. “We started out with a nice salad, followed by a couple bottles of wine. Then creme of Seconal soup, followed by several beers. Then we had Quaaludes on the half-shell, followed by a few hits of hash-hish. By that time I was the only one still conscious, so I chugged a bottle of Courvosier and split. And Jell-O. We had Lime Jell-O. Made me nauseous.”

  6. cc

    Generic drunk chick you can laid by, you hope.

  7. Dais DeLoWerta?

  8. Zidane is not impressed.

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