1. I wonder if he can play wide receiver?

  2. “No teeth, Johnathon! LIKE THIS! GOD DAMN IT!!!!! ”
    (spikes beret on the ground)

  3. “Silverstoning” is popular with the celeb set.

  4. “No, son…no more gin for you. You’re getting dependent on it, plus it makes your breath smell funny…”

  5. “NO! No water for you! Daddy’s the SUPERSTAR! Daddy gets the water!”

  6. Josephus

    “::cums::” – Alicia Silverstone

  7. EricLR

    Daddy, your breath smells like Tim Tebow.

  8. “Am I good to drive?”
    “You should switch to vodka. Mommy says you can’t smell vodka”

  9. Is it too early to draft this kid, how about the Manning kids? I mean there is about an 80% chance they are going to be superstar football players.

  10. cc

    If you want your water back, you have to tell your mother MY version of how I scraped my elbow.

  11. Vlad


  12. Someone Photoshopped one of the kids from Slum Dog Millionaire into the picture.

  13. cc

    I bet that terrorist in the foreground is plotting to become Miss America as we speak.

  14. Swearin

    “What’s a supermodel? Here, smell Daddy’s breath; that’s a supermodel.”

  15. “Daddy… Can I stop runnIng laps?”

  16. “YOU’RE nothing without your offensive line!!!”

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