1. bewbs

    *flicks cigarette at Jersey boardwalk, cue explosion*

  2. It’s a travesty that Scientology is making her wear the Pants of Shame. Why won’t they let her leave the religion in peace?

  3. Josephus

    How many “stars” does she count as?

  4. Who knew when you quit scientology it goes straight to your ass.

  5. EricLR

    I wonder how many Scientologists are in that van, just waiting for their moment?

  6. The Sofa King-size ass of Queens.

  7. I had no idea she had all that junk in the trunk.

  8. “Dancing for Happy Stars”

  9. whatever

    she is still alive?
    and yet no-one has seen the missing sci fi woman
    is there a person on the planet who really thinks the cops met the missing one and case closed?
    you need to pour the whole fbi cia on that shit, if they want to save themselves from exposure they can take tom cruise with them on a ship and leave this planet

  10. Ken

    Check the sweet Microbus

  11. farrellthib

    Look at that old smelly gas burning piece of crap, and hey, there’s a vw bus!

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