1. Hugh Jass

    My daughter posted WHAT to Instagram?

  2. (another fucking pap?…oh wait, it’s just a Japanese tourist)

  3. EricLR


  4. “Ireland did what with a unicorn?”

  5. does this face make me look crazy??? No your just an unbalance liberal

    • Father Dougal

      With your inability to spell, I’m not sure whether you are speaking directly to Mssr. Baldwin (No, you’re just an unbalanced liberal) or whether you are offering a warning to all (Know your unbalanced liberal, people!). Either way, you’re a mouth-breathing illiterate and about as funny a colo-rectal cancer.

  6. cc

    ‘They call me NGman, as in nitroglycerin, cuz you never know when I might go off.’

  7. You’d be on edge too if there were literally Powerpuff Girls flying out of your underage daughter’s ass.

  8. uh-oh hes making pap face.

  9. Vlad

    Somewhere in the background an eagle cries as a tumbleweed blows across the street. A lone child, perched high on a tree branch, plays a wailing refrain on his harmonica.

    • crb

      And slowly, one dusty heel click at a time, almost haltingly, Sean Penn strolls into the middle of the clearing,

      fixes Alec with the kind of steely and lazy stare that only McQueen could ever have mustered,

      slowly pulls back his calloused hand across his poncho, rests it on the heel of his Colt Peacemaker,

      spits out his toothpick onto the dirt road between them and says,

      “You wanna dance, fucker?!”

  10. Pippi Longcocking

    Dude always looks like he’s about to bite somebody.


  12. heey

    his daughter is acting out on instagram because daddy got a new family now and doesn’t even shout abuse at her over the phone anymore…

  13. Can’t a celebrity find a car tire to piss on without the prying eyes of the paparazzi?

  14. ‘Fucking paparazzi, can’t even take a shit on the sidewalk without those fuckers swooping in for pictures!’

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