1. “Out with a Bang” and in with a big slurpy hollow sound.

  2. Did someone melt a LaToya Jackson doll on the stove?

  3. I was a fan way back when he went by “Jerry Sutta”

  4. yourmom

    You know resurrecting Michael at this stage of the trial is probably a mistake….

  5. Ohhh, look. She’s going to an early Halloween party dressed as a cocker spaniel.

  6. I’m pretty sure that’s a man.

  7. cc

    A gut is so sexy on a woman.

  8. Anus


  9. gary coleman's ghost

    Michael Jackson if he’d only stayed with the program.

  10. Pippi Longcocking

    When she finally turns to doing porn just to make ends meet, her first movie will be called “In With a Bang.”

  11. whatever

    that looks like a man on estrogen
    correction: that IS a man on the female hormone estrogen

  12. I’d rather look at the wallpaper.

  13. I’m not falling for the “Turn out the lights baby, I’ve got a surprise for you!”

  14. now there is your Miss America!

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