1. dontkillthemessenger

    Who knew Hillary Swank was into black guys?

  2. I want to see him punched as hard as possible in the face in slow motion

  3. Damn, I got excited. I thought they were going to go a few rounds.

  4. It’s getting embarrassing now.

  5. Bieber…Dude…you are NOT a negro!

  6. Bieber is a firm belieber in the “toughness by association” philosophy.

  7. EricLR

    Number 1 and Number two.

  8. cc

    That’s right Justin. Compared to someone who actually has skill and courage you are best suited to the role of hanger on.

  9. Why the hell would Floyd Mayweather want this turd anywhere near him?

  10. blerg

    Just like county jail all over again… I bet they call him flower.

  11. He’s gonna have a hard time sucking Mayweather’s cock with that huge belt whacking him in the forehead

  12. As if you can’t hate Mayweather enough…

  13. Almost perfect. If only Anne Frank could have been there.

  14. I don’t Beliebe this shit…

  15. Did Ireland Baldwin photoshop this too?

  16. Did he work the spit bucket during the fight ?

  17. CtF

    An’ ah hayulpt!

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