1. CHiPs and dip.

  2. Hugh Jass

    Is Ponch Jenny McCarthy’s driver now?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    If Erik Estrada was there, who was working as security guard at the dollar store?

  4. Pickle Nose

    When you have such a high profile product launch, you really need to call in the star power. Well played Mickey D’s, well played…

  5. if Carlos Mencia did meth for the next 40 years…..

  6. Thought Bubble:
    “Yesterday I was minding my own business, emptying the wastebaskets, waxing the banquet room floor, then some jerk says ‘How would you like to be photographed with Jenny McCarthy?’ No way to know she’s just a dippy blonde with fake tits…I can’t believe I got up early for this.”

  7. While Jenny is promoting the Mighty Wings, who is curing autism?

  8. “Look, Jenny, I had no choice. I had to be vaccinated before I could come up from Mexico…”

  9. He’s only known her for 5 seconds and he’s already sick of her shit.

  10. EricLR

    Man, it’s pretty bad when even Erik Estrada is embarrassed to be seen with you.

  11. cc

    ‘ the launch of McDonald’s new Mighty Wings at Moynihan Station’

    The run up to the Academy awards already underway, huh?

  12. Wait a minute…Jenny McCarthy thinks vaccinations cause autism, but she’ll promote fucking Mcdonalds Mighty Wings, which I’m pretty sure are made from sick cats.

    She’s a real class act.

  13. Jenny, we know you don’t believe in vaccinations, but remember the FAST mnemonic for stroke:

    Facial drooping
    Arm weakness
    Speech difficulties
    Time is of the essence!


  14. Not even famous enough for the 2013 Primetime Creative Emmy Awards.

  15. McDonald’s? Really Jenny?

  16. Mighty wings? WTF.
    Talk about doing D-list shit.

  17. anonym

    hahaha. Classic facial expression that portrays what we all think of Jenny

  18. “Mr. Estrada would you like a wafer thin mint ?”

  19. Marco and Bucket-head Wendy.

  20. martina

    I mean …. damn!

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