1. Just a Smurf and his girl, out for a night on the town

  2. I’m all for being inclusive, but goddammit, when did America become a place where it’s okay for ginger hobbits to play dress up at award shows?

  3. He has no choice but to hang out with her. She stole his Lucky Charms.

  4. At least he is of motoboating height.

  5. EricLR

    She’s just after his pot of gold.

  6. I adore Clare. She’s near mint and comes from a very limited edition – females who will talk to me.

  7. Seth is a pretty cool guy. I love all of his work. Robot Chicken is fucking awesome. He’s got a hot hot wife. One of my favourite guys in Hollywood.

  8. He is short, but dude is funny as fuck, unlike Jonah Hill, any women he gets are legitimate.

  9. “that pic is sooo hot.”- tom cruise

  10. Madonna's Testicles

    He better watch out. Gargamel might be lurking around.

  11. whatever

    yeah little man, you stretch and stretch, but you’re still short
    a cooler move would have been to stand your short ground with pride, this is as pathetic as giant men hunching down

  12. Swearin

    “I’d like to thank the Academy, but more importantly, Mike Myers and Cartoon Network, for giving me this trophy…”

  13. sdf

    She’s the female equivalent of Quagmire

  14. With that jaw, she looks like she could take a punch, and with his face, he looks like he needs one.

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