1. Something about a black guy in the background saying it all with his Rolling Stones shirt.

  2. “I know, right? And just a minute ago, I walked past this guy in the store, wearing a t-shirt with big, red lips on it, and I SWEAR the mouth opened up and the tongue tried to lick me….no, seriously!”

  3. Arranging her and Robin’s next three way, no doubt.

  4. cc

    The ubiquitous fucking Land Rover.

  5. crb

    Paula and her jeans!,Paula and her jeans!,Paula and her jeans!,Paula and her jeans!!!!

  6. Cookiepuss

    “No, I’m serious! Someone recognized me! No Robin, this is not a prank call!”

  7. heey

    that photo needs some sort of award or something, for being cool!

  8. “Hey…It’s me! I just realized that these smart phones can actually make phone calls too!”

  9. Anonymous, 2112

    911: What’s your emergency?
    Paula: There’s a black…
    911: Police have been dispatched.
    Paula: Thank you (smiling)

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