1. I have a feeling there is two sword fights going on here.

  2. Tiggles

    “Look Will, if you club Jaden upside the head just right, it will knock that damn constipated smirk off the little bastard’s face.”
    “Yes, sensei.”

  3. Stunt Trainer: “Swing to the side, then reverse, block high, kick, push back, look into the camera, and yell ‘DAMN!’”
    Will: “Every other movie I’ve been in had me blocking low. Mixing it up a bit…hmmm. I like that.”

  4. It was only a matter of time before they made a black version of Star Wars.

  5. cc

    Good luck learning kali Will.

  6. Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is orgasming.

  7. “Will, what’s going on? You don’t seem to be paying attention at all.”
    “Oh it’s just…..well, when they said I’d be practicing swordfighting today, I thought it would be…never mind.”

  8. The Pope

    “Dodge, parry, THRUST! Very good. Now let’s try it with pants on.”

  9. Darth Will, Lord of the Smith

  10. Don Draper's Dad

    Damn, Pharrell Williams be hooking up with every last douche canoe this summer!

  11. sc4play

    His moobs are bigger than some of the girls I’ve dated! Ewwww!!!

  12. So he’s got junior high moobs?

  13. Feral B

    See? This is what eventually happens if you let your kids move out early.

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