1. Hugh Jass

    My dvds of Wayne’s World and True Lies just melted.

  2. Oh well. I’ll always have her Playboy shoot to fap to.

  3. Please just go back to the 90s and stay there in my fantasies.

  4. Tia, you don’t listen to those people. We’re all getting older. You come over here with me and we’ll hug it out.

  5. Dirk Diggler

    Hey Joe, Sucky Sucky ?

  6. Jenn

    Oh please. She doesn’t look like she’s had a lot of work done, she’s not anorexic, and she doesn’t look strung out on drugs. I also don’t think you’d cut yourself on her breastbone. So.. Eh. She’s still pretty to me.

  7. heey

    it’s so weird to see those former tiny little women now big
    it can’t be age alone doing it
    you have your body shape type and that is that
    did she quit working out or start eating is my question

  8. I could still see her and Jamie Lee Curtis wrestling in the back of a limousine like they did in ‘True Lies’, except now it’s more pathetic than erotic and for some reason Greek yogurt is involved.

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