1. Jill_Ess


  2. What, exactly, is it that a Swedish Marine does? Guard the chocolate?

  3. Jill

    I love how the caption for the article kinda answers itself. There’s nothing not hot about the words “Sweedish” and “Ex-Marine” .

  4. deucepickle

    “How a Swedish Ex-Marine became Hollywood’s Hottest Raper”

  5. Nothing gay about grabbing your man-tits while eye-fucking whoever is holding the Men’s Journal…

    • spiralina

      I heard the other article, “The Saga of Plaxico Burress: 20 Months in Jail and the Night that Cost Him $30 Million” is good too. It actually refers to the bribe he paid a certain unnamed Swedish ex-Marine not to rape him.

  6. His whole look here just screams Rock Hudson.

  7. AnnaDraconida

    He could stalk me anytime.

  8. TurkusMaximus

    He can salute me with his swedish marine all day every day.

    • browny

      He doesn’t even need photoshop. He just looks like that… naturally… how many of us can say that?

      He’s a big, strong, blond, viking and what more is there to be?? Oh, he seems intelligent, too. *Sigh.
      And where is this type in real life?? Um, doesn’t exist.

  9. Raoul

    Holy crap! Alexander has a spinal deformity?!?

  10. Minky Wail

    I didn’t know Highlights did parody covers.

  11. Johnny P!

    They could have just adjusted the transparency on his forehead and not lost any of their logo.

  12. One of those cover articles is not like the others, one of those articles doesn’t belong…

  13. “…Here to talk about his upcoming role as Anders Breivik…”

  14. Now i know what Johnny Drama was searching for in “Viking Quest”.

  15. Squishy

    Geez…so Photoshopped he looks like a wax figure…

  16. poppymoss

    Alexander Skarsgard should never, ever wear a shirt. Or, now that I think about it, pants. What kind of idiot let him be clothed for the cover shoot?

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