1. Pipedreamer

    “I’m absolutely sure this will finally distract them from the smell”

  2. Fletch

    It’s crap like this that I want to miss!

  3. Jill_Ess

    Hi guys! It’s me, Snooki, comin’ at ya live from my parent’s basement!

  4. amanda

    wtf is that? Yosemite Sam wearing a crown?

  5. now she’s classy.

  6. Snookie: I’d like an oversized and guady colored crown with a bow and ribbons tattooed right here please!

    Tattoo guy: Ok, one “desperate cry for attention #6″ coming right up!

  7. it had to be said

    Please please please don’t let me be the next one to get that needle . . .

  8. blah

    It’s a crown with a mustache. Where’s the monocle?

  9. A tattoo of a mustache wearing a crown and a bow tie. What does that shit even mean? At least get something personally relevant, like a tattoo of a pubic hair wax strip wearing a tiara of interlinking crabs.

  10. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Once, there was a time when I knew what a tramp stamp was.
    Not so much.

  11. OohLaLa

    I spy a Paris Hilton horcrux.

  12. I wonder how it will look 2 years from now when her arm is double the diameter it is now…

  13. monkeyspank

    Let’s face it, America. We just got owned by Snooki. She managed to do something more ridiculous than anything we had ever imagined.

  14. She’s Queen of the Mustache Ride now? That’s how I read this.

  15. Just more lipstick on a pig

  16. “If Megan Fox is considered curvy, then I am too. Just a few more curves is all.”

  17. Venom

    This is definitely the home of a millionaire.

  18. It’s the family crest…three hot-wings and a condom.

  19. Thanks for covering one of your teets, saves having to put a pink star.

  20. Julia

    That tattoo parlor will never be sterile again…

  21. It complements the other one she has: “Three holes. No waiting.”

  22. tlmck

    Since she is already a skank, isn’t a tattoo redundant?

  23. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Can we all agree that getting a tattoo now is like screaming “I am a self important dork who thinks other people drawing their crap “artwork” on me is cool” or “Look at me, i am diseased !!!” or “Look at me, I was cool 10 years ago”

  24. cutensmartie

    Snooki: “Hey tattoo guy, what do you think of my hair?”
    Tattoo Guy: “Scary, but OK” (Snooki ends up with tattoo of her birds’ nest)

  25. GuyLeDouche

    It’s the regimental insignia of the 101st Airborne Whores!

  26. RHawk

    “It is an ancient symbol that means, ‘Abandon all hope ye who enter here.’”

  27. The tattoo artist did a helluva job covering up the pickle tattoo.

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