1. Dutch

    The ghost of John Lennon just threw up a little in his mouth

  2. That shirt just may as well say COCK SUCKER.

  3. jesus tapdancing christ…wasn’t 9/11 bad enough for NYC?

  4. Rough, the one with jersey # 10

    Stickler for ponchos and the girls who adores them. Meetings bi-monthly.

  5. I definitely liked his look in the second half of Fight Club better.

  6. Satan's bitch

    That girl gets to do what I’ve often wanted to – laugh right in Leto’s face.

  7. hbw

    Hair by Alexander’s Wang.

  8. Venom

    Yep, still a retarded queer.

  9. Justin Bieber in 10 years.

  10. Samantha Ronson cleans up nice.

  11. SisterRay

    Still better looking than you.

  12. yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Bear at a wang party!

  13. Jiminy Cryptic

    Adam Lambert should shave the beard.

  14. “Do you think this is a little much? Is there such a thing as TOO gay?”

  15. Kelce

    Lady Gaga is taking it too far now.

  16. It looks like Courtney Cox is making a feminist statement.. omg imagine down there.

  17. bethy

    This IS how Jordan Catalano would deal with aging.

  18. “Wang”


  19. Swearin

    “Can someone please tell me where I am?” And then the lady pointed at his shirt

  20. Sin

    All he needs is a pink headband to complete the gay cocksucker image.

  21. I believe he was the inspiration for Gary from Team America.

  22. Kenny

    I think this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell em you’re jewish.

  23. Kat

    Are you sure it’s not the After Wang Party?

  24. Shorty80

    “Wang” is right…

  25. Noel

    requiem for a glory hole

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