1. Heeeeeyyyy who wants to blow a meth addict???

  2. cutthecrap

    see, they don’t care if I have AIDS

  3. By the expression on that fat chicks face, he’s either got an amazing ass…or he sat on a gummy bear.

  4. Rough, the one with jersey # 10

    “Hey everybody? Im not a real zombie, relax!”

    And the crowd goes insane.

  5. “Lindsay! You made it! Did you bring me that bag of sea jasper and rose quartz that we talked about?”

  6. “You like-a da juice? Yeah, you like-a da juice.”

  7. Perplexity

    Hugh Jackman v 2.0

  8. Raoul

    “I know! I’m surprised I’m alive, too!”

  9. Johnny P!

    “I can’t understand a fuckin’ word they’re saying!
    Where the hell am I again?”

  10. maize5

    The real Gerard Butler died a while back. Matthew Mcconaughey started dressing up as him as a way to revive his failed career.

  11. So many photographers after the much sought-after picture of the back of Gerard Butler’s head…

  12. “Hey, these people seem to know who the fuck I am…can someone let me in on it?”

  13. Squishy

    Just love me…ok

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