1. Rough, the one with jersey # 10

    Thats what they call it, up there in Toronto?

  2. They made a movie about Starbucks cheapest espresso drink?

    What’s next? “Caramel Macchiato, Extra Foam…Extra Deadly”

  3. That’s a lot of hardware to contain those breasts.

  4. Uncle Denial

    Wonderbra powers Activate!

  5. OMG, Selma’s gone Jersey Shore! NOOOOO!

  6. yeah yeah yeah yeah

    You know if she unbuckled the boobs would drop to her waist and she’d be ready to belly buck with Rosie O’Donnell.

  7. Perplexity

    What, there are no keeds to breastfeed. Aww, main!

  8. TurkusMaximus

    I bet if you were standing anywhere close to her you’d hear her wheezing. she looks like she can’t breathe.

  9. Snooki called, she wants her bump-it back (look it up).

  10. One more belt and her breast would be below her chin.

  11. Sin

    Even when she is pissed she is smokin hot.

  12. duh!

    OMG! It’s the Latina She-ra!

  13. Kat

    Sing along! “It’s beginning to look a lot like Snooki…”

  14. MammaMia

    Mexican Xena?

  15. NoseRingGirl

    wonky eye is wonky…

  16. MajToeFungus

    i’d fuck her silly till the sun comes up.. after the sun is up I get hungry.. bitch I got to go.

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