1. This is your face on (d)rugs… This is your face not on (d)rugs… Any questions??

  2. I guess we can tell which one was was dragged out with a set of barbeque tongs.

  3. Which one of them looks like a girl, and which of them is dressed like my grandmothers couch.

    HAH, trick question…it’s Charlotte for both!

  4. Nooken

    Samantha has such beautiful, blonde hair, why does she dye the roots brown?

  5. bonerspunk

    Their parents were on some fucked up drugs….Christ fucking Almighty God they are ugly.

  6. LJ

    I’m confused. Is Charlotte Ronson dating Andy Dick?

  7. jean jean

    I just got a free sample of her sister’s skin lotion from Sephora, and now I know that it is HER lotion, and her sister, Sam, makes me so sick, I’m going to go and burn it.

  8. guy

    Well, now we all know for sure which is the evil one.

  9. AnnaDraconida

    The downward spiral: top to bottom.

  10. They both look like they came straight from a Phish concert. After doing some shrooms.

  11. yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Something said to half of those dating twins, “You got the ugly one.”

  12. Minky Wail

    I think Sam is taking the term “fraternal twin” too literally.

  13. Johnny P!

    Guess what Danny just saw when he turned the corner of the hallway on his Big Wheel at the Overlook Hotel?

  14. SimoneDeB

    Probably the only set of well-known blonde twins that will not be getting any invites to hang out with Hef

  15. eclecticladyland

    Left: Before the party. Right: Walk of Shame.

  16. You say one of them is a lesbian?? Get out!

  17. g-moonie

    Yet more proof that being a vagitarian sucks the life right out of you.

  18. Fraternal twin boys? Yes, no, maybe?

  19. sams much more attractive as a girl, hope she goes back some day

  20. Clown Shoes

    if you un-focus your eyes and stare real hard at the outfit on the left, you can see the space shuttle.

  21. Squishy

    Their twins…

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