1. Big_Mike

    “What up LaToya”

  2. Coyote

    On word – Plastics

  3. Are those sunglasses plasma or LCD?

  4. Khloe Blocker glasses.

  5. She only has two counter balances!? That’s not nearly enough. She should have at least an udder of those things. She’s going to fall backwards any minute.

  6. Ismoss

    I thought we agreed that if her ass isnt visible, no pictures.

  7. LJ

    Thinking to herself “I’m so glad that I’m not Brooke Hogan”.

  8. Calypso

    Madame Tussauds craftsmanship is so lifelike these days.

  9. Venom

    Jesus Christ, can those fucking sunglasses be any bigger?

  10. Women usually only wear sunglasses that big when they’re trying to hide a black eye… Kris???

  11. KC

    Madame Tussauds should know better, leaving a wax sculpture outside this time of year will only melt

  12. Raoul

    “Do these glasses make my butt look big?”

  13. Sin

    Useless Fame Whore skank alert just went to Defcon 5.

  14. Squishy

    I thought her wax figure was in her wedding dress?

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