1. cutthecrap

    if the shorts got any shorter, her penis would be showing

  2. Coyote

    The Hulk is really getting into that Drag thing

  3. Stewie Griffin

    A light switch away from beautiful!

  4. Pretty sure I would rather fuck her dad.

  5. just realised this is Deena from Jersey Shore with a blonde wig and 50lbs lighter…

    Just realised I watch Jersey Shore and should kill myself.

  6. LJ

    Who would have thought that there is a step down from the Kardashian sisters.

  7. your mom

    This has suddenly become the she-male hour.

  8. oermens

    I’d fuck her, but only if she agrees to wear a condom.

  9. karmichael

    later on “ru paul’s drag race”, brooke hogan shows us how NOT to do your tuck job.

  10. maize5

    She looks like one of those dolls people made out of dried out apples.

  11. It’s great to see what can be accomplished with hormone therapy and a boob job. Too bad about the face, though. And the cock.

  12. shan danger

    the elusive jean camel toe is only broken by the strongest of labias.

  13. The new Green Goblin looks WAY more brutish and masculine than Willem Dafoe.

  14. g-moonie

    Wow, some rest and relaxation does a Jigsaw good!

  15. Sin

    Same old thing. Smoking hot body, Disgrace of a face.

  16. Guy Fawkes with hair, tits and short shorts.

  17. Is that the puppet from the movie “Saw?”

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