1. Allie

    After filming “Remember Me” I walk like Robert Pattinson.

  2. Why does this guy always look like he’s trying to clear a big gob of peanut butter off the roof of his mouth?

  3. Dude has good posture, you gotta give him that.

  4. deucepickle

    I don’t care if he’s got an unhealthy infatuation with Emma Stone, he’s still hilarious

  5. hbw

    Looks like someone dressed themselves this morning.

  6. The man still looks incredibly classy after all these years. Too bad his wife went all Kirsty Alley on him.

  7. Rough, the one with jersey # 10

    Anyone ever seen Jonah Hill and Pierce in the same room?

  8. Uncle Denial

    “Bored. James Bored.”

  9. Perplexity

    Simon Cowell’s Idol.

  10. From the looks of it, the Metamucil he drank is starting to kick in…

  11. This is what it looks like when one walks with a stick up their ass.

  12. TurkusMaximus

    still hawt. loved him in The Thomas Crown Affair with Rene Russo. smokin’ chemistry.

  13. They are trying to tell him he has TP sticking out his pants.

  14. Johnny P!

    “Suck in gut. Stick out chest. Hold breath in ’til you’re inside.
    Man this is getting harder and harder to do…” *gasp!*

  15. Buttons – Apparently Now Optionalâ„¢

  16. tlmck

    Simon Cowell without hair die or makeup.

  17. “James Bond CAN make an entrance, bitch!!”

  18. “Double-O nothin’, I ain’t signing shit.”

  19. Boyo been sippin’ a bit o’ the Irish, has he?

  20. Squishy

    Poor kissy lips froze like that!

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