1. michelle


  2. Mooty

    Great Great Great Grandpa Albert in a can?

  3. Dan

    How does this shit work!? fuckin magnets!

  4. Oh look – the British version of the iPhone. Fuck you, England.

  5. doogleberg

    “Man, I just wanna pizza. EVERY TIME I order you assholes don’t believe it’s me. Whata you want me to do…make up a name next time?”

  6. Which end do I talk in? My butler normally holds it for me…JEEVES!!!

  7. Nooken

    My eyes are not this wide!

  8. I can hear your voice, but I can’t seem to see you inside there.

  9. OohLaLa

    Obama, let’s go over this once more, the Bat Phone is a SPOTLIGHT. This line is reserved for my grand-mummy. Fig Newton emergencies only. Cheers.

  10. your mom

    What the fuck… cord? wha…? Haha, very funny. Seriously, where’s the phone?

  11. F%$&! How does that Pippa bird keep getting my number?!

  12. jean jean

    He has a Boo Boo on his finger.

  13. Uncle Denial

    “Everytime I dial I get Rupert Murdoch, weird.”

  14. While touring New Zealand with the England Rugby team, the prince finds out how all New Zealanders connect to the Internet.

  15. “No, I know you told me they had teeth ma, would you drop it already.”

  16. bethy

    YES, for the last time: A BLONDE AND A REDHEAD!

  17. “$6.99 a minute? Do I look like I’m made of money? Everyone knows that the royalty are actually broke and it’s the bourgeoisie that… ah, forget it.”

  18. TomFrank

    “I don’t know what’s inside this thing, but it already bit my finger once…”

  19. “Finger-banging your mum, that’s how. Now dial this number for me.”

  20. Squishy

    How does this work again??

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