1. Uncle Phil

    The two in the back: “When are they going to tell her she’s not pretty?” “SHH! The longer it goes the funnier it is.”

  2. it had to be said

    Gay guy: “Oh my Gawd.”
    Brunette chick: “Ha! Ha! Ha! She looks like me!”

  3. doogleberg

    In every picture there’s a Persian chick with a camera on a tripod sitting on a ledge refusing to take Lea Michele’s picture because she’s so damn’ ugly.

    • gumption

      uh, that girl with the camera is clearly Indian. Major FAIL. Indians are not even remotely related to the Mid East and you go smack dab for Persian? That or the fact she clearly looks Indian! Or she would be the ugliest Persian woman to ever walk the earth, so ugly it would not be possible for her to be Persian should have tipped you off. It is rather amazing how stupid some people are

  4. dude: (whispers) seriously, check out her nose in profile
    chick: BWAHAHAHAAA…It DOES look like that cartoon vulture!

  5. Throjo

    She has a long career ahead…as a sundial.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Did Larry David buy that guy a sewing machine when he was 7 years old?

  7. OohLaLa

    Lars Owen reports reward for missing Moisture Farm Tarp: 50 Credit Vouchers
    Bantha stealth suspected.

  8. bonerspunk

    Could be worse, it could another picture of that Sam Ronson fella!

  9. I’d totally do her. Nuff said.

  10. Believe it or not, she might actually be the beneficiary of good angles and a weird dress here. Are you taking notes, Johansson?!?

  11. deucepickle

    She’s a very handsome woman, mustache or not

  12. Venom

    Are queers mandated to dress like retards?

  13. Apparently, she’s at the opening of the new car wash on Ventura Blvd.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    Overrated cunt. Just like the series she’s in.

  15. “Gay best friend in a tank top” just said something hilariously catty.

  16. Arzach

    Actually she has a nice ass, I’d pound that like crazy.
    And if she’s annoying or a bitch, much better, hate sex!

  17. “Do I look like a bitch from this angle?…Good.”

  18. Kat

    She can trowl on all the makeup she wants, but it’s not going to cover her Balrog of a personality.

  19. Squishy

    Narcissistic twat.

  20. Steelerchick

    NIce to see that she can still draw a crowd…. of six.

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