1. Uncle Phil

    Poorly lit, huge sunglasses, and mostly covered up; I think we’ve found the perfect look for Fergie.

  2. Who the fuck yelled “Hey, Kool Aid!”?

  3. barbosa

    She looks like an Ewok coming out of the bush, with her Ewok bag and Ewok attire and that Ewok hairline.

  4. geo

    Maybe cut the price tag from those undies.

  5. doogleberg

    “Listen, I’ve told you guys a million times…if I’m in the woods taking a piss, give me time to finish and shake my dick off. Then, I PROMISE I’ll turn around and pose for you. Got it?”

  6. “OK, so smoke it all and I promise I’ll look hot.”

  7. your mom

    Tell me the truth… can you see my dick in this dress?

  8. deucepickle

    Could switching to Geico save you 15% or more in car insurance ?
    Does a Fergie crap in the woods ?

  9. eclecticladyland

    Rachel Zoe is looking goooooood.

  10. elaine benes

    Honey, you forgot to take the tag off. Are things *that* tough that you have to wear and return?

  11. Mel

    “I’m wishing you to the corn field.”

  12. yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Who else was surprised you didn’t see a long hairy ball sack as you scrolled down?

  13. I call this expression the “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

  14. TurkusMaximus

    It’s not the price tag, it’s the fabric content/washing instructions tag. Sometimes they sew them on towards the bottom of the garment.

    That said, um… yuck. Her hairline skeeves me out big time.

  15. Oh good, it comes with instructions.

  16. bethy

    Quick! Blowdart! She found her way back!

  17. shweet

    With a bag that big, her dick must be huge!

  18. H6E6X6

    “It’s so nice to be able to pee anywhere, I feel bad for chics having to sit down”

  19. Holy fuck we almost had an upskirt. Good thing that wasn’t yesterday

  20. RHawk

    “God dammit, that punk on the corner said the meth lab should be right here.”

  21. Rubbing it on eucalyptus isn’t going to make it any smaller – OR bigger…

  22. UncleDenial

    Lindsay Fumke is still trying to save our wet lands.

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