1. Big_Mike

    Not giving a shit that he’s completely blocking the view of the guy behind him, because he’s Michael Douglas, being an actor he can do whatever the hell he wants to.

    • Fletch

      At this point, I think Douglas gets a pass; the guy had cancer.

      • cutthecrap

        Hey Fletch, plenty of people have shit circumstances, does that mean they can be douche bags? By the way, pretty sure he’ll be ok. After all, jet setting around the world,having personal trainers, chefs and nannys makes life more comfortable than most people with or without cancer. Asshole.

    • what kind of a jackass gives someone a total pass on being an inconsiderate jackass just because he had cancer? If I paid a couple thousand bucks for a trip to the US Open and some saggy faced douche wouldn’t sit down, I’d have his colostomy bag lugging ass ejected and show his wife what a man who doesn’t smell like pee can do for her.

    • Plus, although he had cancer, he is still smoking cigars (look it up).

    • Lynx

      Maybe he’s just getting back to his seat, I doubt there is actually any game play going on at that exact moment. Talk about taking something out of context…

  2. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “Can’t hit THESE balls. No siree.”

  3. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    “See that sitting next to me? Yeah, she’s the one romancing these stones.”

  4. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    I love how everyone else has a look on their faces like they are being awed and wowed by something super cute in front of them, while he is totally trying to squeeze one out into the face of the guy we can’t see that asked him to sit down, just to teach him a lesson.

  5. Isn’t he pretty in pink? You know what they say, Pink is the new black. As in funeral black…….dead man standing!!!

  6. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    CZJ has her toe in blueshirt’s anus!

  7. Tell me more about that fellow in front of Catherine. Did he have mouth cancer and need to have his teeth replaced with those of a thoroughbred?

  8. Did someone on the court just get hit in the balls? Someone got hit in balls, didn’t they?

  9. Perplexity

    Everybody seemed to be having a good time at the Gallagher show. Catherine, however did not find the smashing of watermelons amusing. Not amusing at all…

  10. Here Michael Douglas takes a bow after having plastic surgery to have his chin filled in.

  11. Harry from the Hendersons is creeping me out….

  12. Johnny P!

    The well-preserved cadaver or Rose Kennedy is wheeled out yet again for another photo-op.

  13. Mwaddams

    I didn’t know Jerry Seinfeld and Gary Busey had a love child.

  14. Swearin

    “Catherine, honey, please stand up to remind everyone that I have lots of money and connections”

  15. Sin

    Hemerriods sucks, and so does my wife!

  16. He’s got a strict rule about not sitting where he just pooped.

  17. lemon

    Exhibit A. White people forcing smiles and pretending to have a good time.

  18. MisterSuccint

    Catherine looks great here
    … but that might just be due to the fugs all around her.

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