1. Fletch

    Another tasty morsel!

  2. TheSupFan

    i saw a porn girl today who looked just like her!! don’t know what her name is though!!

  3. So weird. Turns out her mom was a stripper and her dad played in Aerosmith. Seriously. I mean what are the chances of a rock star and a stripper hooking up?

  4. Turns out this is actually her default facial expression. Mommy’s genetics run strong in this one!

  5. Venom


  6. Minka, darling, I don’t know what you did to make Jeter give you the boot, but bring it here to me and I’ll bet I can put up with it!

  7. DogBoy

    Why can’t girls be more like their Mommies?

  8. She’s teaming up with Liv Tyler to form Voltronsmith.

  9. Jerube

    She is smoking hawt!

  10. chupacabra

    Needs a bra.

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