1. Patch

    Yes, Daddy sticks his right between the pornstars’ fake ones’ just like that and…

  2. richie

    I love Denise’s face and body language here – “How much longer do I have to be with this twit?”

  3. Mickey01232000

    It is a convention of former Charlie Sheen Godesses.

  4. Bigalkie

    A woman in her thirties wearing 15 year old slut shoes.. Classy.. BTW.. Since those kids have warlock blood, can they fly?

  5. Vlad

    You lil’ shit! You just peed on me!

  6. contusion

    This photo captures the exact moment when Denise realizes she’s not actually any better than Brooke.

  7. Urvag

    You take your kid to the farm to see the donkey not do your best impression of one.

  8. “Hi Brooke? It’s David Coverdale. When can I pick my jeans up that you ‘borrowed’?”

  9. “Yes, he did, honey….oh yes, he did! Don’t you remember the day Daddy punched Mommy right in he face for telling him not to smoke so much Meth in front of you? Oh yes he did, Boo Boo Boo Boo! I’ll jut bet “Auntie” Denise has some “funny” stories about Daddy too!”

  10. The Brown Streak

    That kid is going to have nightmares after seeing her do her Amanda Bynes in a car impression.

  11. And here we see the Hollywood skanks at the douche bag farms, harvesting the young “Rob Kardashians”, to grow and cultivate into full grown D-bags to terrorise all media in the years ahead.

  12. Billebuoy

    “Yes, that was Uncle Emilio over ther. But please. If we see him again, pretend we don’t him children, okay? He’s just so…so…boring and fat.”

  13. Joaquin ingles

    Those kids… Are they remaking Eight is Enough?

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