1. A fat guy with a bag of food walks in front of a homeless dude? How is he not dead?

  2. Mickey01232000

    Look you managed to get two homeless guys in one photo.

  3. neo_v

    that’s a big carryout bag for 1 person, even from Chipotle

  4. So, can we be honest…Jonah was never on a diet, he just had the flu and briefly shat himself thin.

  5. Mr. Poop

    wasnt he not fat anymore?

  6. Bigalkie

    Trading Places Part Two

  7. Cake can bide it’s time no more.

  8. DeucePickle

    Is there some sort of Black Market Food Library I’m not familiar with ? He’s looking around like he just smuggled in a bag of Guatemala’s finest pastries.

  9. El Jefe

    There is only one burrito in there. Unfortunately it is about 10 pounds.

  10. Vlad

    Okay, nobody’s looking, here’s some more food to put in my vault. You’re doing a heck of a job guarding it for me.

  11. Urvag

    Hmmm if I look this way that homeless dude won’t even know I’m about to steal his food.

  12. Inner Retard

    If the guy in the background didn’t move he just might saved his lunch.

  13. Chaz Bono should know that plaid is bad.

  14. Further proof that baggy clothes do not mean that you’re thin.

  15. “Siri, you said Millions of Milkshakes is RIGHT HERE. What gives?”

  16. tlmck

    He must get a lot of exercise going for takeout all the time.

  17. The Brown Streak

    Casting directors usually send out scripts to possible clients. In Jonah’s case, they send out their caterers.

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Uh oh, Jared fell off the Subway wagon again.

  19. Anonymous

    Zac Efron and his signature hat.

  20. Swearin

    Not to get too political, but this photo pretty much sums up America right now, IMO: white, overweight hipster walking around in pricey clothes with Mexican takeout from a trendy restaurant chain, totally oblivious to the poor jeans-and-tshirt minority guy who just ate actual Mexican food from a portable truck

  21. Chimpout2012

    A Jew on a shopping trip strolling past an unmotivated Puerto Rican? Must be NYC.

  22. jasper

    “Let’s see, I left my dignity around here somewhere” -someone besides the homeless guy

  23. Joaquin ingles

    He always looks like he’s being followed. Presumably by the Food Bureau Investigators.

  24. We were due for a Fatboy Ex-slim sighting. He had to run out of Twizzlers sometime.

  25. He might want to see a shrink. In every picture he seems to be looking around for the people who are “after him.”

  26. EricLr

    And our next runway model in the “2012 Fat Slob Fashion Award Show” is…

  27. Schmidtler

    The thought bubble translator must be malfunctioning – shouldn’t it say “I love tacos”?

  28. Josie

    mmmmm but chipotle is delicious!

  29. mbcl

    “Oh my god ! I just tried to eat that man’s leg. What’s wrong with me ?”

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