1. Smapdi

    Gwyneth Paltrow has really captured the Halle Berry look.

  2. Arizona Ken

    Taking her cue from her friend Jay Z, Gwyneth changed race. Unfortunately, she took the more difficult path.

  3. Patch

    Not Gwyneth but she IS friends with Beyonce, if you haven’t heard.

  4. Park

    I wish she would let her stupid hair grow…

  5. Johnny P!

    She is still a beautiful woman.
    And she has been a very good actress.
    And I’m actually thinking of going to see Cloud Atlas when it gets released.
    Too bad she’s been such a fucking mental case lately… let’s hope she’s better now.

  6. lori

    Um. Not sexy. At al..

  7. Look, we’ve all hooked up with the crazy chick who’s hot. After a while you leave and say to yourself, “Thank God I left her! What the fuck was I thinking?!” Then time goes by and you see a pic of her and you realise that you forgot how hot she was and you say to yourself, “God I left her! What the fuck was I thinking?!” This is what 14 men are thinking right now.

  8. Kojak

    Is this the not-black actress that only date white french guys, but acuse her ex of being racist?

    • El Jefe

      Yep, David Justice, Eric Benet and Olivier MARTINEZ are all definitely white French guys.

      • Kojak

        El Jefe, Olivier Martinez is FRENCH.
        Martinez isn’t a Caribean surname, but a latin one, not in the american crazy meaning of the word latin, but in the right one: roman.
        So, Martinez is a common name in northen Spain and southern France. And yes, that guy is white.
        Also, Eric Benet is clearly mixed, and David Justice looks more like a native-caucasian mix, semitic, or even semitic-caucasian.

        And please, do not explain me the american racial view, because i can’t handle Zeta-Jones been considered whiter than Bundchen, or Clooney whiter than Olivier Martinez, or Cameron Diaz as a mixed person only because her father was a iberian descendent, like Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez are. And i could go on eternaly, just to point the obvious: the american point of view over racial matter has nothing to do with genes and colour, and everything with geopolitics and accent…

      • El Jefe

        So (allegedly) mixed black American guys are now French white guys you fucking idiot? Martinez’s dad is Spanish, so not white either.

      • Kojak

        Fucking idiot?
        What’s your problem?
        I made a joke about how she stand like a afro-american activist, acuse her ex of being racist, what is absurd, because no racist have kids with his object of hate, than just go on to date another WHITE FRENCH guy.
        Martinez is FRENCH, and if his father is Spanish, he is still FRENCH and WHITE, because he is caucasian!!!!
        Spanish people aren’t mixed. Less even black. They have semitic mixture from milenia ago, and Italians, FRENCH and even British have the same semitic genes on their pool…
        Also, if they are mixed, why are they mixed black guys? They couldn’t be mixed WHITE guys? You understand the meaning of that?
        And what’s about with the agressive language, i offended you? You are some kind of Hale’s stalker? Americans go crazy with racial matters, wich is very funny, because is never about genetic.
        Go study Spanish people before saying they aren’t white, because if they aren’t all mediterranean aren’t too. Then check the Europe map and look at your lack of knowledge…

      • Kojak

        Saying Martinez isn’t white because his father is spanish is the regular example that racial matters in USA are all about geopolitics and accent. With their mouths shut, you will never guess who is spanish, who is italian and who is french. They are all very much alike, and genetically, almost the same people…

  9. lily

    terrible outfit, and never liked the dykey hair cut, but she is beaitiful

  10. seriouslynow

    In spite of the crazy and the short hair I’d still like to throw some dick in her.

  11. Her recent personal problems have reduced her hotness for me. Would still do, but definitely not impregnate.

  12. Josie

    Lookin good halle!

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