1. There are two Biebers in this world?

  2. Underage and incest??? Only legal in Canada???

  3. FINALLY, a Bieber that will grab a boob when the opportunity presents itself!

  4. Frank Burns

    I bet I know where Prince Harry has his left hand.

  5. Grab your pitchforks! Kill it before it wigs!

  6. Mr. Poop

    she looks a little too much like rachel ray in this picture

  7. TheO

    Is this one of those games where I have to pick which one of them is older?

  8. it had to be said

    Jaxon. Jaxoff. Jaxon. Jaxoff.

    The boy destined to be in the porn parody of Karate Kid.

  9. Emma Watson's Vagina

    ultimate homewrecker:having your current boyfiend’ bother in your arms while dating Rose McGowan’s current boyfriend.

  10. sexyman48

    “I saw you do it Justin now it’s my turn.”

  11. Inner Retard

    The kid is good! 5 years old and already feeling up Selena. No wonder she’s smiling. At least one Bieber is playing with her.

  12. Is that Travolta on the right?

  13. contusion

    What’s up with the vampire sex doll in the back?

  14. *Justin. FYTO, FIsh.

  15. Jaxon Bieber, the 38 year old midget, will one day remember “innocently” feeling up Selena Gomez as the greatest day of his life!

  16. K-Tron

    Justin Bieber has a twin?

  17. The Brown Streak

    I didn’t know Sheamus was in this movie.

  18. cc

    Jaxon…the era of retarded names continues.

  19. Colin

    Nice photobomb, Pete Doherty

  20. Later this evening Justin Bieber tries, but fails to beat the snot out of his little brother…”You touched her booby, you dirty little piglet. Jesus said that those boobies are reserved for me.”

    Jaxon replies, “Fuck off, you limp-wristed doorknob-sucking flamer!”

  21. JR

    That kid knows exactly what he’s doing.

  22. baloo

    why is she bringing his little siblings to the red carpet with her? I mean, isn’t one baby enough? Justin?

  23. Jaxon, our brother is a jack off.

  24. Anonymous

    It’s nice to see Selena going back to school and completing that education she missed during her Disney years.

  25. Josie

    So im guessing justin bieber and selena gomez had a kid together??

  26. Rony Curtis

    Poor kid. Hope he gets rescued by Child Welfare.

  27. Gwen

    She’s so gorgeous and flawless

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