1. Black.And.White.Minstrel

    That awkward point when they stop looking like drumsticks and start looking like wings

  2. I’d make a She-Hulk joke, but I’m afraid Serena will SMASH!!!

  3. InkyBlack

    Dat ass bends space-time.

  4. How do you do cardio constantly, especially at a sport like Tennis, and still have a weightlifters body with tits and a Kardashian proportioned ass?

  5. Put some shorts on, bro.

  6. AnnaD.

    Still a more valuable human being than 99% of the assholes regularly posted on this site.

  7. Vlad

    This just in, 9 people sitting court side, were rushed to area hospitals after toxic fumes were released at the US Open

  8. I wouldn’t fuck that with Venus’s dick.

  9. MFer

    Shouldn’t. Have. Scrolled. Down.

  10. Where are the little Japanese models of buildings and military tanks?

  11. RHawk

    Secret, strong enough for a woman who looks like a man.

  12. The Brown Streak

    Einstein was wrong Energy does not equal to ass times the speed of light squared.

  13. tlmck

    I think the drug and gender testing program for the USTA is a bit suspect.

  14. I know it isn’t popular and I’m gonna catch a lot of flack for this but; I would tear the shit up outa dat She-Hulk ass!! Great googily moogily.

  15. Jentilly

    Rawr! Serena mad!

  16. lily

    Go Serena!!! So Happy she won. Amazing athlete!

  17. That thing is filled with gravy.

  18. Joaquin ingles


  19. They should just keep one picture of her holding up a trophy and use it after every tournament. She wins everything anyway and it would save time…

    “Serena Williams celebrating her win at the _________________ in _________________.”

  20. EricLr


  21. tguy

    she’s a guy!

  22. mbcl

    Nike makes tarpolins now ?

  23. asasssyshortcake

    her armpits are scare me

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