1. “Russ demands knee pads for my health!”

  2. And, the ben-wa balls just disappeared.

  3. I make that same face when I hear Katy Perry too.

  4. JC

    Katy, dear, you really don’t want to distract people from your boobs with crazy face and pointing at your lady bits. Your career is based on boobs, and ONLY boobs.

  5. The kneepads are a nice touch, but combined with the woman/child dress imagery, it becomes disturbing.

  6. dontlooknow

    …These shoes are killing me….

  7. CRABS!!!!!!! (drops panties, if wearing, and proceeds with maniacal scratching)

  8. When Skynet finally achieves sentience, this is what the terminators will actually look like.

  9. I think this magic act has gone on a little bit too long. The volunteer from the audience had been pulling that ribbon from her crotch for 25 minutes now.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    In the absence of cleavage (and most recently, skirts that expose her ass), Katy Perry’s appeal drops rather quickly.

  11. DS

    WOW! That’s exactly what she will look like 20 years from now when she tries to look like she did 20 years ago…

  12. The Critical Crassness

    IT appears that the “Katy Perry” windup doll ran down mid performance…who the hell has the key?

  13. KC

    Kneel before Zod!

  14. cc

    I married the fucker and he still won’t put his tongue down here.

  15. vlad

    Here Katy displays the international signal for “I just soiled my knickers”

  16. lori

    Please stop trying to make us believe you have a personality.

  17. Chupacabra

    That is one unhappy gumdrop.

  18. Pedobait

    Robo Katie Perry expresses it’s displeasure after allowing Russell to “Just put the tip in your arse, Love”

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