1. What? She was a teen 30 years ago . . .

  2. I think she’s there to feast on them.

    • x

      ugh…every other motherfucking thread?? Please come up with a new-ish zombie reference…we thank you in advance

  3. sooooooosuperficial

    Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.

  4. Tanzarian

    Casting unofficially began today in Universal City, CA for a new live-action Droopy Dog.

  5. Someone brought their grandmother to the teen choice awards? Or is this a warning “Teens…don’t choose this”

  6. Kelce

    She looks more and more like Maria Shriver with each day.

  7. What’s a matta’ with kids today?

  8. mrbutterscotch

    Oh Iggy Pop bleached his hair and wore a tube top…..

  9. Nik

    She is one rich woman who has failed to age well… Which among rich people isn’t very common…

  10. fap

    Looks like Neil from The Young Ones.

  11. Ismoss


  12. It’s nice to see Cillian Murphy trying to look a little bit more masculine for a change.

  13. Alex R.

    He’s kinda hot.

  14. The Critical Crassness

    Those steroids really fuck with your metabolism……

  15. cc

    Her top 4 front teeth are nice.

  16. Sin

    Just show her legs and ass. Thats all we can stomach of her.

  17. Fandy

    Another one bites the dust……shez a hag

  18. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Even in drag, a Howdy Doody doll seems a little dated for the Teen Choice awards.

  19. august09

    this is what smoking is doing to your face

  20. WYK

    Hey, don t be mean, ageing is 100 % normal, even for celebrities

    what s weird is that celebrities don t accept the ageing process and go under several treatments to look like a porcelain doll that can t smile or move !

    Cameron doesn t seem to be addicted to botox or facelift, wich is good so all you assholes mocking her coz she have wrinkles can go to hell ! all of you will grow old, saggy and gross, it s human nature, i bet most of you are already fat, ugly, saggy and gross living in your momma s basement

  21. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

  22. Wow, I know teens are out of control these days but, I never thought they would be giving the celebrities bong hits before they go out on stage.

  23. nickjr

    PSA for SPF.

  24. Hickok

    Damn Nature, you scary

  25. AnnaDraconida

    She needs to stop showing herself in public.

  26. Steelerchick

    ICK!! Greasy fat face!

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