1. First he copies jokes, now he copies douche tattoos and clothing??? Is there no limit to this guy???

  2. Senor Trout

    An Affliction shirt. What a surprise.

  3. stratacat

    I can’t tell where Affliction stops and Ed Hardy begins.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I heard he was “Solid Gold” tattooed on his butt cheeks with an arrow pointing to his asshole.

  5. What do you get when you cross Michael Lohan and Tito Ortiz?

  6. C.

    He looks like someone who was in fact cut out of Deliverance for being too much of a scary redneck. That’s how much of an ass-raping inbred bigot he seems.

  7. HolyGeeze

    Joe’s clearly pissed because he was not selected for the next season of Jersey Shore.

  8. GuyLeDouche

    Since when did my plumber become famous?

  9. LJ

    Ladies and gentlemen let’s have a big hand for the comedy stylings of a very funny man……..Joe Rogan !!!!!

  10. Forget my last comment – NOW we have reached the Douche singularity.

  11. Ismoss

    Must have picked up something hanging around all those UFC fighters.

  12. Raoul

    You’d look pissed off too if you were Joe Rogan.

  13. Hewski

    did you notice his arms are shaved but his hands are hairy like a monkey? adds to his overall coolness.

  14. I thought Neanderthal Man went extinct.

  15. Protesting DWT*'s rough hiatus policies

    Uh oh look out Kimbo Slice.

  16. DS

    two words – yak penis

  17. “That’s for the weights…I’ll only work out in my down time”

  18. Affliction….of the douche variety.

  19. cc

    I was thinking douche but then I saw the cool wallet chain…changed everything.

  20. Joe Rogan learned not to ever do a test run on any of the challenges on his new show Rear Factor.

  21. villenuv27

    I would have been shocked if this photo had been taken anywhere other than Philadelphia.

  22. Throjo

    Joe Rogaine.

  23. Steelerchick

    I have nothing bad to say about Joe Rogan. :P

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