1. Michael

    dude, your fly’s down

  2. Richard McBeef

    not skinny enough for women’s jeans quite yet, jonah.

  3. SteveG

    baby steps Jonah. Skinny jeans was a bad choice.

    • maybe I’m getting old and out of touch with hip fashions of today’s youth…but “skinny jeans” looks an awful lot like “sweaty chafing nuts” to me.

      Do kids today not have the massive junk package that us old timers are lugging around?

    • DKNY

      Skinny jeans are always a bad choice unless you are a homosexual.

      For all you “hipsters” out there, everyone except you and your kind see your skinny jeans and immediately assume you’re gay. Ask around if you don’t believe me.

      • Colin

        Ugh. Fat hipsters wearing skinny jeans. I own one pair of skinny jeans, and I only bust those out in case of an emergency. And I have an excuse, because I have a size 30 waist and am ACTUALLY A FAG.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Ok, now he just looks like he’s dying.

  5. Hugh Jass

    Wow he looks really scary now.

  6. AWOL

    Promoting his new flick, “From Fat to Frightening”

  7. You know what’s less funny than a fat guy who gets fatter? A fat guy who looks like he got aids and is now dying.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Until, eventually, Jonahs legs lifted off the ground and he just floated away.

  9. Slowly realizing that “funny-fat” used to get him more pussy than “fuck-ugly”.

  10. A.T.

    his upper body to lower body ratio is still fucked up

  11. Arzach

    Did weight loss turned him gay?

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    More pics of “White Al” Roker? Unfortunately this is an example of when someone makes a healthy life decision and the rest of us say, “What disease did he catch?”

  13. Get Him To The Greek restaurant, Jonah could use a few Gyros.

  14. ri

    Fire your stylist. Skinny jeans are only for girls and Pete Wentz.

  15. m3essential

    That’s the biggest damned Quail I’ve ever seen!

  16. Rather Dashing

    As an evil entrepreneur, Gru is always willing to help promote Fox.

  17. journalschism

    It’s like he was caught in mid-body morph in the Michael Jackson “Black or White” video.

  18. Anna

    he is too plain looking. at least when he was fat he was not expected to be handsome. I doubt he has any prospect of career in Hollywood

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