1. Senor Trout

    How’s someone with eight kids never seen in a photo with them?

  2. Why would she need to be on The Today Show? Her only talent is having all those kids that one time.

  3. dontlooknow

    Kelly Ripa’s letting herself go.

  4. She looks greasy…like if you touched her, she’d be sticky.

  5. just here for laughs

    She’s making sure we all know she’s “untouchable, yet still relevant”. *gag*

  6. Satan's bitch

    Damn, just when you thought the earth had swallowed her up…

  7. Please tell me she was in the audience.

  8. …alone again, naturally.

  9. zomgbie

    this site use to run stories on her multiple times a day.
    same with that jon dude.
    so glad they went away.
    why bring them back?

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    This bitch should be outlawed from television or media of any kind.

  11. The Critical Crassness

    Trolling 42nd St for a gigolo…Kate comes up empty!

  12. jmort

    Her breasts are drastically different sizes here. Can’t her income from her 8 children afford her a decent boob job?

  13. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Any sex shop in NYC will sell you a fleshlight with skin that looks less fake than this.

  14. journalschism

    “My stomach is a relief map but you’d never know it.”

  15. “Uh-huh, each bead has the name of one of my kids on it.”

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