1. Michael

    it’s cute that she’s out with her dad, but i get a creepy vibe from him having her push him in the stroller

  2. “I love playing with my ‘Hello Thetan!’ dolls!”

  3. You’re doing it wrong – mommy never looked that upbeat pushing a stroller.

  4. Maeby

    that is a creepy ass doll

  5. SSHGuru

    She’s not allowed to make a noise around the baby.

  6. C.

    Ew, don’t post children. They creep me out.

  7. Creepy

    Ah, this generation.

  8. Nik

    Totally a female version of damian.

  9. Raoul

    MTV is taking it a bit far with next season’s Teen Mom casting.

  10. On the back of this old photo it reads: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, age 5.

  11. The Critical Crassness

    Personally, I think this is a good look for Tom….It appears he is finally embracing his “inner woman”..

  12. KC

    This is inspiring a new Jonathan Coulton song.

  13. cc

    That doll looks a bit asian…must be a hand me down from Angelina.

  14. Sin

    Hello, Clarisse….

  15. tlmck

    Poor kid. I wonder when she is going to find out that Tom is gay and is not actually her biological father.

  16. Fandy

    Her parents are rich, why the stained shirt and wrecked babydoll??

  17. august09

    that´s chucky!!!!

  18. nickjr

    uncooth to joke on kids.

  19. Has anyone ever seen both Suri and Tom in the same picture? i’m getting a Bates Motel vibe from this pic…

  20. Debutante

    Aww…. I think she is just adorable looking !

  21. MG

    the true blood demon doll finally found its rightful owner!

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