1. irishboyo

    Are you sure this isn’t Peter Dinklage?

  2. “…with a little ::hic:: help from my friendzzzzz”

  3. Robin Williams demonstrates his masturbatory technique.

  4. “Well, are you gonna sign it or are you gonna stand there and jerk me off? Whoa, really?”

  5. Hugh Jass

    So now everyone is getting a Galifianakis beard?

  6. dontlooknow

    That is not Jude Law; it is a young Merlin Olsen.

  7. C.

    The only way this could be redeemed would be if he were hung like a fucking horse, but, as luck would have it, we all know he’s not.

  8. 2 seconds later Jude executed a perfect flying roundhouse kick and was heard to say “Weston Cage is a fag”.

  9. obgyn

    Luckily I like my men drunk, balding and bearded. No lies.

  10. Protesting DWT*'s rough hiatus policies

    These idiot stars have some great looking sneakers, ill bet theyre all “swags”.

  11. KC

    Sorry, Jude, Joaquin Phoenix did it first.

  12. Jude Law always has a pen handy so that he is prepared for mob scenes like this.

  13. cc

    You know you are drunk when an imaginary person shows you an imaginary picture and you offer to sign it.

  14. Julia

    Oh no, Brian Wilson! Why did you stop dyeing the beard?

  15. Michelle

    Beards make EVERYONE look terrible.

  16. Jaimejd

    Is he gay?

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