1. “What the hell do you mean I transferred gay genes to our son????”"

  2. “Look, I told you not to show our son Spiderman 3. Even so, I seriously doubt that musical number would turn him gay.”

  3. “Yeah, I’m trying to look like Kiedis. We TALKED about this.” The daughter is rightfully mortified. The son is rightfully cracking up.

  4. Hugh Jass

    Family trip to Mordor?

  5. adolf hitler

    why am i with you? youre not even hot, and im rich.

  6. dontlooknow

    Wait, WAIT…aren’t these people millionaires? Why are they dressing like they shop at The Salvation Army? Is that supposed to be some sort of camouflage? And why does the little girl have her dress slipped off one shoulder? Pervy much? Little dude about to grab his crotch…this entire picture is what’s wrong with Hollywood. AmIright?

  7. GuyLeDouche

    That’s the scruffiest bunch of pixies I’ve ever seen.

  8. ChickenHawk

    How long has he been married to Nicole Richie?!?

  9. obgyn

    This is the wieneriest looking family I’ve ever seen.

  10. How the hell did he find 4 people shorter than him?

  11. Alex

    My God he looks like high maintenance. I can just feel the love she has for him through that contemplating his long, torturous death gaze.

  12. Raoul

    It’s like watching the inner child go through all the stages of dying, in one photo: happy, sad, resigned, angry. Ta da!

  13. dontkillthemessenger

    “And that’s why the restaurant fired me.”

  14. Tobey Maguire’s son cracks up every time his dad starts an argument with the line: “I’m the man of the house, and I say…”
    Unfortunately his daughter does not see any humor in the situation and has already started cutting herself.

  15. cc

    Why did he steal Dinklage’s legs?

  16. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    The kid on the right just noticed Ian McKellen rolling by in a cart, shooting off fireworks.

  17. Chupacabra


  18. Your Gynecologist

    “I drive a Dodge Stratus!”

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