1. No we just need a live action Ritchie Rich reboot.

  2. “I see chubby people”…

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Then the evil fairy said “I will make you the most famous sad little pinched face boy in the world but in return you will stay that way for ever”. And foolishly the boy agreed.

  4. I see stupid people looking at the Superifical.

  5. JC

    He looks like an adult-sized fetus.

  6. Hugh Jass

    I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys-R-Us kid

  7. Maeby

    It looks like some parts of his face are missing. like a mister potato head

  8. suzboobs

    this looks like those “yearbook yourself” applications, where the face doesn’t match the head.


    “I’m down like a clown, Charlie br-br-br-Brown.”- Jimmy Valmer, Season 7 – Krazy Kripples

  10. poor kid is one of those child actors whose face doesn’t age as he grows up, but just gets larger.

  11. Hugh Gentry

    what an awkward looking dude.

  12. C.

    It’s depressing how most child actors grow up ugly as fuck. Exception: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On the other hand, he’s really fucking short, so I can’t be sure he’s technically a grown-up at all.

  13. The Pope

    And playing the young Ted Kennedy: Haley Joel Osment.

  14. HolyGeeze

    His head got bigger, but his face stayed the size of an eight year old…

  15. greenfairy125

    I’m digging Rumer Willis’s new haircut!

  16. I see a future as a CPA…

  17. Life goes on, Corky, life goes on.

  18. Hayley Joel is preparing for the title role in the life story of Chris Moneymaker.

  19. Ismoss

    Uh, his head grew but not his face.

  20. Mike Hunt is grand

    Fat Mac?

  21. Mike Walker

    Here’s what his face is supposed to look like:

  22. zomgbie


  23. The Critical Crassness

    Emily is better looking and more talented than Haley Joel, that must really rub him the wrong way….

  24. Lynx

    Pay it Backward

  25. tlmck

    I see dead career.

  26. Jack

    Why is his face so tiny?

  27. cutthecrap

    i see all sorts of wrong

  28. Manowl

    Poor guy must suffer from “Diff’rent Strokes” syndrom (i.e., his parents messed with his glands in order to keep the golden eggs coming, just like poor Arnold)

  29. BiJenni

    Peter Jackson should stick him in the Hobbit movie cuz what else could he possibly do?

  30. Seat Filler

    I don’t get it, It’s like his face forgot to grow with the rest of his head

  31. Michelle

    Some people just should age past 10 – awkward

  32. senpai

    i am sorry, i know i am being so very mean but i cannot avoid thinking about the goonies.
    please forgive me, i am sorry

  33. SammyBee

    The Colin Firth “Face in Hole” frame never looks quite right…

  34. KillItWithFire

    Since when does Down Syndrome kick in at age 23?

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