1. I think it’s nice that Paris still tries, but honestly, how does one more bony blonde differentiate herself in LA?

  2. TomFrank

    This was taken on Friday? Why do I feel like Fish just handed us a porn mag that he’s “finished” with?

  3. Deacon Jones

    Human toilet time

  4. SSHGuru

    The first picture I’ve ever seen of her that explains why Dicaprio would be at all interested.

  5. I’m not one to exploit the blonde thing, but why is she talking on a TV remote?

  6. I guess the by-laws are a little more lax in West Hollywood if the strip clubs have poles out on the sidewalks now.

  7. The Critical Crassness

    Another day…another picture of what’s her face…how much is Dicaprio paying you to post these “candids” of his girl-toy?

  8. KC

    It doesn’t matter what I write here, the Superficial guy won’t be able to take his eyes off this picture long enough to read it.

  9. cc

    Not seen…the guy fanning her skirt.

  10. Sin

    Has anyone actually ever seen someone who looks like this walk down a public sidewalk?

  11. My Left Nut

    Told ya. Best legs in Hollywood.

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