1. Are we witnessing a carjacking?

  2. Senor Trout

    Hoping McFeely comes up with something good here, I’m drawing blanks.

  3. Stop! Hammer Time!

  4. TomFrank

    Five minutes later, Cuba Gooding, Jr. came out of the car and announced his conversion to Scientology.

  5. well now there is photo evidence Katie having a black lover or is it Tom that has a black lover.

  6. JC

    Don’t distract Katie–she’s busy reaping a soul.

  7. Is this some kind of fucked up reenactment of the Exorcist?

  8. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    Most people over the age of fetus make the same face as either of them after hearing Katy Perry’s “music”.

  9. adolf hitler

    manson fam

  10. derf twiggins

    jason schwartzman is movin’ up in the world…

  11. dontlooknow

    Oh come on now! Who does a e-meter at a Katy Perry concert?

  12. Kelce

    Should have seen it sooner, Tom Cruise is a necromancer.

  13. fartbucket

    I’m not 100% sure what’s happening here but I’m 100% sure it’s not legal.

  14. just here for laughs

    Kanye tried witnessing to the couple, but quickly realized he needed to call for backup.

  15. kec232

    It is extremely dangerous to interrupt their feedings.

  16. In their defense, that’s the exact same expression I’d have on my face when leaving a Katy Perry concert.
    Not so sure of why the coffin-mobile, though.

  17. …with 1988′s Doug E. Fresh.

  18. Wonder if the black dude knows that he’s the Cruise family dinner?

  19. Nik

    Don’t look into its eyes! You’ll turn to stone!

  20. Ismoss

    Stan finally got him out of the closet.

  21. dontkillthemessenger

    This is quite possibly the best picture without boobs or an ass that’s ever been on this website. Oops.

  22. DS

    Jeesh, okay, lemme break it down.
    Tom is looking at himself in the mirror and touching himself.
    The black guy is attracted to Katy because they share the name “Holmes”.
    Katy is looking at Tom, still confused about the words cretan and thetan.

  23. KC

    Not sure if that guy is there to service Tom or exorcise Katie. Probably both.

  24. Cuba Gooding Jr.: “Okay before we start… show me the money!”

  25. cc

    ‘It’s God himself who commands you!’

  26. Sin

    and here we see the mind controlling drugs Tom gives Katie taking effect.

  27. vlad

    Surgeon General Warning: Katy Perry music may cause irreversible brain damage

  28. Julia

    Clearly, Tom Cruise watched the tape seven days ago and there’s a television in the car. But hey, Samara looks pretty good for someone who’s been rotting in a well.

  29. Looks like a photographer accidentally used the camera that shows a persons soul.

  30. Fandy

    lol..ohhh those kids and their space drugs

  31. Rather Dashing

    In every photo there is always a black dude in the foreground saying it all with his haircut.

  32. Colin

    Katie: “That’s not where you stick an e-meter!
    Tom : “Ooooh, do me next.”

  33. villenuv27

    “Trouble with your droid?”
    “No, why do you ask?”

  34. Seat Filler


  35. your mom

    Double fisting dildos, FTW.

  36. senpai

    oh Lord, they are rising!!!!
    i told ya!!! be reday for the zombie apocalypse!!!!
    and you were all laughing at me!!!!!!!

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